Sunday, 29 August 2010


Another thing I may consider using this blog for is writing. I love writing. I am, by nature, a creative person, and often invent stories, scenes, characters, etc, and writing is something I someday dream to make money off. What I lack, however, is the drive to constantly write. If I were to post my writing here, and have people become interested, it may create that drive, since I would feel bad not to update. I don't think I'll do this quite yet, I think I'll wait and see if people start following, then gauge interest.

In the meantime, I'll post older stuff. Here, for example, is a poem I wrote once in school, during French class:

As I stare into its dark depths
Seeing naught but my own reflection
And often do I wonder...
Why does it not swallow me?
Why does it calmy stare back at me?
As I gaze into the abyss
The abyss also gazes into me

Now its power has ebbed out, devoured
The only trace of its black existance
A pristine cup stained by darkness
Black stars upon a silver night sky
Menacing dark clouds cradled in its breast
Upon its base
A poison moon spreads its wings

And I feel
I feel its venom corrupting me
Fel claws digging into my soul
Ripping, tearing, slashing, shredding
Burning with passionate flames of evil
Still do I crave more
My mug of coffee stands empty

I didn't learn much French in that class.

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